Mail Pilot

for Mac, iPhone + iPad

A simple, task-oriented approach to email.

Quickly manage and productively organize your Inbox with Mail Pilot.

Mail Pilot
for Mac

with Reminders, notifications, tons of
keyboard shortcuts, and Set Aside.
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Mail Pilot 2
for iPhone + iPad

built on the same, completely
re-developed core as the Mac app.

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Mail Pilot for Mac and Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad were rebuilt from the ground up, on a completely new foundation.
The difference is remarkable; we think you'll appreciate the dramatic improvement in stability, speed, efficiency, and compatibility.

Experience Intuitive Email

Finally, you can interact with email the way you already think about it. Mail Pilot simplifies email with a task-oriented approach. From deleting an advertisement to remembering to pay your cell phone bill, all messages are action-based.

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Complete your email messages like a to-do list.

Complete Your Messages

Control your inbox with clarity.

When you're done with a message, simply change its status from Incomplete to Complete, just like a to-do list.
Gone are the days of tricking your email client by marking as unread. Quickly check off messages that don't
require any action after reading them, and keep track of messages that still have outstanding tasks.

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Set reminders for your emails.

Set Reminders for Messages

Never miss a delivery, bill, meeting, or due date again.

Set a reminder for a message and Mail Pilot will prompt you when it's time to deal with it.
Free your inbox of messages you can't yet tackle and be reminded when deliveries are arriving,
bills are due, meetings are coming up, and other due dates are approaching.

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Be reminded of emails on your Mac
Be reminded of emails on your iPhone and iPad
Organize email messages by status, with folders and labels, in Lists or using Set Aside to achieve Inbox Zero

Organize Your Way

Become better organized with the flexibility to craft your own productive workflow.


Organize based on message status as Incomplete, Complete or set for Reminder.


Collect groups of related messages across all of your accounts using Lists.

Set Aside

Easily achieve Inbox Zero. Set Aside messages that can't be organized immediately and drill through them when you have more time.


Existing folders and labels can be accessed and utilized anytime.

Push email to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac from your other devices.

Push to Mobile & Push to Desktop

Deal with email when you want to, where you want to.

Make sure important messages are where you want them when you need them. Push meeting details to your phone so you can
reference them on your way. Push the request for your Keynote to your desktop, so you will remember to send it along next time you're at work.
Launching with Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad 2.

Coming Soon

Will it work with my email accounts?

All standard IMAP accounts are compatible, including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, Rackspace, Outlook.com, and Google Apps. Mail Pilot remains securely synchronized with your email servers and other clients.

Is it secure & private?

Mail Pilot never stores, processes, or transmits your data through third-party servers. Your account details, passwords, and personal data are securely stored on your device. All communication occurs directly between your device and your email server.

Stay Notified

Stay notified with system notifications on iOS 7 and Mac. Mail Pilot efficiently checks for new messages in the background on iOS 7 and remains constantly in sync on Mac to save you time.

Converse Clearly

View conversations intuitively with Nested Threading. Browse and filter long threads to find clarity and context. Add to the conversation quickly and naturally with in-line reply.

Adaptable Inbox

Focus on what matters to you. Experience a Unified Inbox or filter specific accounts. Show, hide, shrink, or expand to easily achieve your desktop Inbox bliss.

Gesture Controls

Quickly perform common actions from the message list with intuitive Scrubbing gestures on iPhone + iPad.

Alias Support

Seamlessly send messages from an email address that you have forwarded to another account.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Drill through your messages efficiently. Common actions are always an intuitive shortcut away on Mac.

"A clean, impressive, often beautiful way to manage unruly email" Macworld